Buy Guaranteed MLM Leads – Human Eyeballs

HumanEyeballs is a company that provides leads and prospects for business opportunities and make-money or CPA (cost-per-action) offers.  They can provide leads directly to your own opt-in form, but to get the guaranteed 60% opt-in rate, you have to use an opt-in form that they provide.  They will actually create a lead-page for you based on your opportunity or offer.

The name came from the concept that when you buy traffic from many lead vendors, they do provide a certain number of “clicks” to your landing page, but you never are really sure if they are real humans; i.e. you want real human eyeballs looking at your offer, not some spam, fake, or “robot” traffic.

The company is operated by Bob Beckett & James Starr.  The second went to Bible school, and is a pastor/preacher, and he spends time doing mission trips when not working his online businesses.  They run a free weekly  Tuesday night webinar called “Witness Prosperity” that you will be invited to once you have bought your first leads.  Soon, they will be releasing a course called “Email Profit Secrets”.

Many entrepreneurs have been told or taught to “build a list”, but they don’t know how to begin, or they are paying too much for leads.  Now you can get leads for close to $1 each.  The goal is to have a self-funded or liquidating offer, so that each time you buy leads, you get 50-100% of your money back within 7 days.  Then once the people are on your list, you send them other offers, or higher-ticket items in the same family of products and business services.  James and Bob teach us to mail once per day, and that you actually want to be known as “the guy that sells stuff”; and not the guy that gives stuff away.

Here are some additional list-building notes from James Starr/Bob Beckett past webinars

Must have a business plan – not just run around trying different things.  What do you truly want to do? Must figure out a budget for traffic.
One thing you can do is learn how to drive traffic – gain that skill.
You should shoot for 100 leads/day by second or third month, by compounding.
As long as you are mailing – you should be able to “crush” those numbers.
Use lead magnets – give value away –
We have built whole lists on sales pitches – pre-frame the headline of a sale page,
the send traffic to squeeze page, and redirect them to sales offer.
You may get 50% on first few days, but you should get more than 100% back over next 90 days.
You have to mail every single day. 
1-3 words, vague, curiosity, positive note in subject line.
The one liner – like “I woke up and saw this tool, thought it would be…”
Let the sales page do the selling for you… (i.e. you don’t have to over-sell in the email)
Use affiliate networks such as: Clickbank., JVZoo, ODigger, ClickSure (CPA) offers with high EPC.
They (the people on your list) really don’t care about you or who you are [you don’t have to build a brand or personality to make money].  Just be the cool guy that sells stuff.  If you always write content and try to win them over – that’s what you will get. Most people are on a rush, they are on 20-40 lists like yours.

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