Who_is_RayHigdon_Bio_BiographyRay Higdon began his sales career at age twelve by selling airhead candies to his schoolmates. By eighteen, he was working at three jobs, including one on the night shift at Winn-Dixie where he asked a manager what his goals were. The manager told Ray that he planned to stick with Winn-Dixie even though he disliked his job. He had worked there for a long time and doubted he could make the same salary elsewhere. This was a pivotal moment in Ray’s life because it caused him to vow never to settle for something he didn’t like to do.

The Corporate Life

Ray worked as a project manager for Collier County Community Development Services in Florida. His job was to oversee the systems and software running the county permitting process. He eventually worked his way up to Enterprise Database Administrator. He had security and an excellent salary. There was only one snag, he was bored.

Real Estate

At the age of twenty-six, Ray started his own real estate investment company. After getting rid of drug dealers from rental units the company had purchased and trying to cope with angry tenants, Ray turned to something different and soon developed expertise in flipping houses and marketing real estate online. He was eventually featured in the Real Estate Investors Publication (REIP) magazine as a rising star in the industry.

For over a year, Ray lectured for a real estate investor education group traveling for twenty-two days per month and selling a $7,000 system via a ninety-minute pitch. Although this way of life was very lucrative, Ray found himself missing his kids.

Financial Destruction

In 2008, Ray’s real estate investment company began to decline alongside the housing market crash. In 2009, Ray’s own home was in foreclosure, and he was almost bankrupt. Ray sums up his predicament as follows: “What’s worse than being broke is having made a lot of money, then to go broke.”

Network Marketing

Ray pulled himself out of depression and decided to change things. Through a friend he discovered and joined the multi-level marketing (MLM) Numis Network.

He was initially wary about network marketing but soon realized that it presented an opportunity for significant cash flows with extremely low overhead and risk. There was also the chance to help coach others and grow their abilities. This was exactly what Ray had been searching for in other industries but had never quite found.

He made his first $10,000 month in his fifth month and his first $40,000 month in his seventh month. In February 2011, he broke Numis’s earnings record with monthly earnings of $46,000. In June, he did it again by making over $52,000 and also became the first person in the company to reach Ambassador rank. What is remarkable about this accomplishment is that Ray had only about 2,400 active reps on auto ship in his personal team.

Ray has now been involved with network marketing for over four years and spends his time helping others achieve their financial goals.


Ray teaches people that it’s possible to live the life they have always dreamt about. They just have to be willing to suspend their disbelief and to be disciplined. To sum up in Ray’s words: “When you love what you do, no day is actual work!”

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